Welcome to Tauranga Jet Sport Association

The Tauranga Jet Sport Association is basically the local 'jetski' Club.
Jetski is a brand name owned by Kawasaki, but most Personal Water Craft (PWC's) are usually called jetskis. There are two types of personal watercraft commonly seen on the water today. They are 'poleskis' - a stand up model, and 'runabouts' - a sit down model. As technology continues to grow and expand, so too does the size, speed and capabilities of runabout PWC's.

The TJSA have approximately 30 members, including families, and we are one of the largest clubs in New Zealand and still going. Surrounded by the sparkling Pacific Ocean and with so many stunning lakes in just over an hours drive, is there any surprise.

The Club was originally affiliated to the TYPBC, but due ot the rising costs of subscriptions, and belonging to a Club that didn't quite fit the needs of our members, we went into unofficial recess for approximately five years. The Club has recently re-formed and has its own constitution that mirrors those of others that belong to the New Zealand Jet Sport Boating Association.

We have two different areas of focus within our Club. Social and Recreational riding is offered to our riders, we have an official Social Ride quarterly, but fun days and barbeques more frequently in summer. We usually meet at Rotary Park at Maungatapu where families can enjoy shallow safe waters, low tides and a small ramp for launching. We have hours of fun on sea biscuits, knee boards and wave boards, as well as riding around buoys. MSA rules are followed by all users of the water, however there are plenty of PWC users that are unaware of the rules, and educating them is something we are passionate about and try to achieve.

We also have a racing division, and most of our competitors have followed in the footsteps of the parents that used to compete. The sport of Personal Watercraft Racing around New Zealand consists of "grass-roots" racing or the local club racing scene, the North and South Island Summer and Winter Tours, and the pinnacle, the New Zealand Jet Sport Nationals.

The NZJSBA is the governing body for all personal watercraft clubs in New Zealand, and is affiliated to the International Jet Sport Boating Association. The IJSBA is the worldwide sanctioning body for personal watercraft competitive racing. IJSBA is responsible for the rules which govern the sanction, organization and conduct of sanctioned events; the standards for eligibility and conduct of competition and officials; the regulations for eligibility and preparation of watercraft; and the rules for annual series of events around the world. The IJSBA has affiliated associations, organizations and members in more than 50 countries worldwide and its headquarters are located in California, United States. New Zealand racing adheres to the IJSBA Rules and Regulations, as well as Code of Conduct.